What is MPS?

Mission Passenger Services software (“MPS”) manages every aspect of your one-off jobs, recurring trips and home to school passenger transport services, typically run by government and community transport operations. Whether you operate a fleet of vehicles, offer an ambulance service or are a council transport department, MPS is just right for you. Originally written in 1989 it has evolved into a sophisticated multi-user system that handles all aspects of trip management with optional in vehicle GPS route management & messaging, live tracking, trip recording and replay. It runs over the web or on company intranets, there’s no desktop software to install.

Mission IT - Quotations & Jobs
Job Quatation

It is easy to create quotations on the system, incorporate existing subcontractor costs, pre-set mark-ups and client discount structures. Once a quote is accepted it can be converted into a job and become live on the system.

Jobs can have passengers or no passengers, can be one-off or recurring and the billing can handle multiple payment options.

The system has quotation, purchase order and invoice reports for jobs. A BSOG system records trip details for annual reclaims.